Forestry Management

Probyn Log is a full service Coastal Forest Company—from acquiring timber to selling logs—and every step in between. We focus on generating maximum value on timber and logs for our clients while maintaining strong forestry practices. This is always conducted in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and requests of our clients and partners and always in conjunction with sound forest stewardship

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Services We Offer

Timber Acquisition And Management

We work with our clients to create a long-term forestry enterprise that meets the clients established goals.

Harvest Optimization

We determine the best harvesting strategy for achieving the highest net return.

Operations Management

We manage all operational activities needed to harvest the timber.

Providing Community Employment Opportunities

We develop and support licensees in building their own forestry operation.

Log Marketing

Our ability to proficiently locate and access specialty markets for the timber that comes from the BC Coast is unrivalled.


Most projects have large upfront costs that need to be financed. We can help.


Probyn records and reports all relevant project costs and sales using its custom ERP “Logbook” software.


Probyn is BC Forest Safety Council SAFE certified.

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